Tulika Premium is the highest quality premium transfer service in Estonia. It is intended for a customer with high demands, valuing comfort, quality, personal service and trustworthiness.


Base fare 4,55€

Fare per kilometre o6:oo-23:oo o,79€/km

Fare per kilometre 23:oo-06:oo o,89€/km

Time fee 14,4o€/h


Prestige car

Prestigious and private way of moving about, suitable for business trips and conference visits and other occasions of transfers.


Spacious and prestigious buses are well suited for business trips and conference visits, official hosting and other occasions of transfers.


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Kontakt - KKK

Tulika Premium
Tihase 34, Tallinn, 10619

+372 6 555 555

What is the difference between a taxi and a prestige car?

Prestige car is without any taxi light or logos and is carefully prepared for each customer.


What is airport transfer exactly?

We provide a comfortable and safe traveling to Tallinn airport or to the destination of your choosing from the airport. The service includes meet&greet service at the airport’s waiting room as well as unlimited waiting time if the flight is delayed. Perfect for solving transportation problems of your foreign guests. The first impression is very important, we can guarantee that Tulika Premium drivers always offer the best possible service.